Business Loans for Wellington Region

Wellington Harbour
Terry worked with us to write our Business Plan and now we have the team in a much better position to all move ahead and make plans for the future. Sometimes it is just seeing an opportunity and making something work. We all hold Terry in high regard and it is good that someone independent now knows our business.

- Phil H, Hawkes Bay

We will help you realise your business vision, whether it is to purchase your first commercial building, create a business plan for bank presentation/tender, restructure existing debt or build an investment portfolio of commercial property.

Professional Mortgage Advice for Commercial and Agri-Businesses on:

  • Business Plans for Bank Presentations
  • Commercial and Farm Property Investment
  • Consolidation and Restructure of Existing Debt
  • Accounts Analysis and Key Performance Indicators
  • Ownership Structures and Security

Application fees may apply

Business Banking Loans

If you’re self-employed (builders, child care providers, plumbers, health service provider, engineers, retailers, designers, accountants, etc) and need funds to grow your business and you, can provide a residential property as security, then we can help.

For larger commercial businesses that have funding requirements of over $1,000,000, are more complex, involve a General Security Agreement or have high transactional turnover, we have the experience to give guidance for a business plan presentation to the bank.

We are also familiar with various forms of ownership such as partnerships, family trusts and LTCs (Look Through Companies)

Application fees may apply.

Farm Finance and Mortgages

Get started in farming with an investment property such as a ‘stepping stone’ farm loan.

We can give guidance for a business plan for farm development such as dairy conversions, farm expansion and diversification.
Let us do the negotiating on interest rate margins and loan condition.

Holt Farm

For all commercial lending and finance advice contact me today on 0272 456 653 or click here