First Home Buyer Loans

We offer expert independent mortgage advice and in most cases our service is free.

Turn those rent payments into mortgage payments and live the dream of owning your home.

Let us arrange a pre-approved loan to buy a house up to a specified value. Some banks are providing pre-approvals for up to 90% of the purchase price for existing customers

KiwiSaver accounts can be used for the deposit. You may be eligible for a HNZ KiwiSaver first-home deposit subsidy of up to $5000 after 5 years of contributing, or $10,000 for a couple. For new homes the amount is doubled up to $20,000 for a couple. The maximum existing house price cap for Wellington is $500,000 and for a new house $550,000

It is preferable to have a 15–20% deposit. The more cash you save for a deposit, the fewer fees and loan repayments you pay.

Although, for as little as a 10% deposit you can buy a standard residential property. A low equity premium may apply.

One bank has a ‘springboard loan’ which is 100% finance i.e. 0% deposit

Let us guide you through the process and keep it simple for you.

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Refinance Existing Mortgages

Pay off those high interest loans such as credit cards at 20%pa, store cards at 25%pa, hire purchase at up to 30%pa; by having us review your existing debts and consolidating into one manageable loan on a lower interest rate that better suits your lifestyle.

We have the tools to compare the main banks’ products, so we can select those that best fit your requirements.

We pride ourselves on a high level of service and we offer independent advice.

New Build or Renovating Loans

New Build or Renovating Loans

Live the dream and build a brand-new house to meet your aspirations and lifestyle.

New homes are exempt from the RBNZ LVR (loan to value ratio) loan restrictions.

Give your kitchen, bathroom or entire home a ‘make over’, add on that extra room or double glaze your home.

We can find you a loan that you can progressively draw down as construction takes place, saving you on interest fees.

Investment Property or Second Home Loans

Investment Property or Second Home Loans

Use equity in your existing home and your personal incomes to buy a beach property, or buy a section and build later.

Purchase an investment property where the net rental income can be applied to debt servicing. We are aware of the tax, compliance and legal obligations to ensure you have received independent professional advice.

We understand the complexities of the requirements of Body Corporates. We can advise on the relevant lending policies and options.

Relocation Loans to New Zealand or transferring to another City

Relocation Loans to New Zealand or transferring to another City

Would you like to live permanently in New Zealand and purchase your own home?

Let us guide you through the ‘sell and buy’ process to minimise risk and stress.

We can explain New Zealand banks’ migrant home lending policies that recognise the challenges of new migrants settling in New Zealand. We coach you through the process of arranging pre-approved finance to finding your own home.

Leaky and Earthquake Prone Buildings Loans

Leaky and Earthquake Prone Buildings Loans

We have specialist expertise in advising property owners on Bank requirements for applications to finance remediation of a leaky building or strengthening an earthquake prone building.

We work closely with the Bank’s specialist credit teams who assess and advise on these applications. The amount of information required is comprehensive and sometimes daunting for building owners.

Let us take some of the stress out of these complex applications and handle your application in a professional manner.